Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buzz buzz.

Five forty in the morning and I can't sleep..I know I'm tired, I can feel that I am, but my thoughts won't let me be at peace with anything and sleep. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.. that's all my thoughts, over and over and over they buzz throughout this head of mine refusing to stop, not even for a minute. Repeating.
Please stop..   ...I'm starting to see things in this dim lite room, that's how worn out I am.  And I'm not going insane, it's just from being overtired and worn out. I literally had to drag myself around today, well technically yesterday..since I haven't slept yet.  I didn't even really sleep the night before either. My eyes are worn out and I still can't believe that there's still tears left in them...       ....I don't know what to do....
Well I guess it's time to grab Cuddles, my bear, hop in my pj's, (yeah I know, it's five actually almost six o'clock in the morning and I'm still in my jeans) wrap up in my fuzzy blanket, lay on the couch and try to sleep..even though I will only get to sleep for about four hours. Maybe even less if I keep this up any longer... Weeeell Cuddles, time to lullaby me to sleep with your soft hugs as I spill my deepest feelings to you. You know all of my deepest feelings, stories, nightmares, dreams, happiness, grief, love and pain... And ever since I had you, you never once judged me about any of those deepest secrets. {laughs} That's cause you're just a silly, stuff bear.    Goodnight...

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